What Is Chenango Voice?


Chenango Voice is the result of more than twenty years of community conversations whose topics ranged from how to be smarter than your smartphone to where to find a handyman. These conversations evolved during casual meetings on sidewalks and in grocery stores and over coffee & pastry and lunches and dinners. Over time, the conversations yielded themes which led to interest groups which led to actions. Which led to more dinners.

In the new year of 2020 the Chenango Voice conversation began to emerge. Chenango needed a venue for opinion, discussion, information, fact and fun. Print was unwieldy -- or as one observer said, “Print is dead.” (Although others of us pray that is not true.)

Then someone said, “So what about a podcast?” The table went silent.

“A podcast? What’s a podcast?”

“Well, you know, people talk.”

“Great idea. Let’s do it!”

The energy that came together was nearly explosive. We got a bank, a bank account and a tech guru. We made a running business plan, ordered equipment, established a dedicated studio, prepared our topics and planned a broadcast schedule. Meanwhile, we developed a logo and planned a sponsorship campaign.

All the while, we kept clarifying: What are we trying to do? How can we be more effective? How can we get individuals and groups to know each other and mingle? How can we make connections and get more people into the conversations?

And then the COVID-19 came down on us full force and the world stopped.

We took a few beats. Wait till the crisis is over? … No. We need to begin now.

But how can we interview people if we can’t be near them in our recording studio?

We took a crash course in podcasting and technology and hit the learning curve full throttle. Skype. Zoom. Google G-Suite. Otter.

As we scrambled forward our mission crystallized. We would inform, connect and inspire while helping post-COVID-19 Chenango to grow back better and stronger.


Our mission is to inform, connect and inspire Chenango County New York with information and stories that bring out the best in our community.

Inform: With public service information and interviews, and timely reports on local and national issues with a Chenango focus.

Connect: To help us get to know and better understand each other; to introduce non-profits, businesses and individuals to the community so that everyone can know what services and organizations are available.

Inspire: To explore timely themes and provide a venue for human interest stories that inspire and strengthen the whole community.

What Is A Podcast?

If you are new to the idea of what a podcast is, we can suggest taking a look at this excellent Beginner's Guide to Podcasts.


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Marc Funaro
Technical Director

About Chenango County

Chenango County is a county located in the south-central section U.S. state of New York. As of the 2010 census, the population was 50,477. Its county seat is Norwich. The county's name originates from an Oneida word meaning "large bull-thistle."


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